Science and Practices to Keep People Safe and Businesses Productive as COVID-19 Continues

Sessions will be held every other Wednesday starting January 27th 2021 through June 30th 2021 from 12pm to 1pm EST.


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, understanding of the virus and strategies to keep people safely engaged in productive work and business encounters is evolving.  This second DH ECHO series on COVID-19 for employers and organizational leaders will examine advances in scientific understanding of COVID-19 and its prevention and management.  It will explore timely new topics of importance such as strategic distribution of COVID vaccines, emerging perspectives on aerosols and ventilation, business travel considerations, and operationalization of pods to safely maximize social and work interactions.  It will update more familiar topics such as PPE, surface and facility hygiene, regulatory changes, and emotional health during COVID with the latest information.  Critical new topics will be integrated as they emerge. Sessions include a brief didactic and robust discussion.


Session/Title Date
1 - New and emerging insights into COVID-19 1/27/2021
2 - Vaccines: strategic roles and roll out 2/10/2021
3 - Particles, ventilation and social distancing: current understanding 2/24/2021
4 - Facility and materials hygiene 3/10/2021
5 - Travel considerations for businesses 3/24/2021
6 - Masks and other PPE best practices 4/7/2021
7 - Meeting regulatory expectations during COVID 4/21/2021
8 - TBD 5/5/2021
9 - TBD 5/19/2021
10 - TBD 6/2/2021
11 - TBD 6/16/2021
12 - TBD 6/30/2021
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