Increasing Vaccine Confidence to End COVID-19 (Community-Based Strategies)

Sessions will be held every Friday in June from 12-1pm EST June 4th through June 25th 2021. 


Community leaders can effectively promote COVID-19 vaccination, help dispel rumors, and increase vaccine acceptance which can help lead us out of this pandemic.  Although vaccines are safe and effective, less than half of the Northern New England population is vaccinated, far below levels needed to reach herd immunity. Public and private agencies are working to remove logistical barriers for people seeking vaccination.  However, for diverse reasons, more than 35% of people are hesitant or resistant to vaccine, despite strong public health recommendations. This course will discuss the science behind vaccines, explore common reasons for vaccine hesitancy, and provide strategies to overcome concerns so those in our communities will have tools to make informed decisions about vaccination.   


Session/Title Date
1 - Vaccine Basics 6/4/2021
2 - What is Vaccine Hesitancy? 6/11/2021
3 - How to Increase Acceptance 6/18/2021
4 - Common Vaccine Concerns 6/25/2021
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