Increasing Vaccine Confidence to End COVID-19 (Health Care Strategies)

Session will be held every Friday from 12-1pm EST starting July 2nd through July 16th 2021. 


Clinical care providers and other healthcare workers can help end the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing vaccine acceptance. Healthcare providers are trusted sources for information and play an important role in promoting vaccination. Less than half of the Northern New England population is fully vaccinated, far below levels needed to end the pandemic.  Public and private agencies are working to remove logistical barriers for people seeking vaccination but still more than 35% of people currently decline vaccination despite strong public health recommendations. This course will explore diverse drivers of vaccine hesitancy and will provide strategies to overcome concerns and increase vaccine acceptance. 


Session/Title Date
1 - Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy 7/2/2021
2 - Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy 7/9/2021
3 - Special Population: case-based sketches 7/16/2021
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