Global Oncology ECHO



This program is an interactive, web based learning and mentoring program to improve international educational exchange and collaborations on global oncology care. In this online learning opportunity, subject matter experts and participants will discuss how to address challenging oncologic and hematologic cases and epidemiology to enhance our professional work, including the impact of concurrent infections such as Coronavirus, HIV, TB, etc. Participants will learn from short didactic presentations by subject matter experts and discuss de-identified cases, share experiences and learn in an all teach, all learn model. Access to additional didactic educational sessions will also be available upon registration.

Session/Title Date
1 - Esophageal Cancer 9/23/2021
2 - Aggressive Lymphomas 10/28/2021
3 - Indolent Lymphomas 11/18/2021
4 - HCC Biliary/ Cholangiocarcinoma 12/23/2021
5 - Gastric Cancer 1/27/2022
6 - Breast Cancer and Risk Factor Prediction Tools 2/24/2022
7 - Germ cell Tumors 3/24/2022
8 - Benign Hematology -Sickle Cell, etc 4/28/2022
9 - Head and Neck Cancer 5/26/2022
10 - Sarcoma 6/23/2022
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