Effective Vaccine Advocacy: Protecting your Community's Health ECHO for Faith Leaders


Nationwide, there has been a decrease in immunization rates among young children over the past few years, with many children falling behind. This likely has several causes, including barriers to medical care that were worsened during the pandemic, the spread of mis- and disinformation, and a loss of confidence in immunizations. Vaccines save lives, and are critical to protect the health of our communities. Dips in rates of vaccination against serious childhood illnesses such as measles or polio risks resurgence of these diseases. This two session ECHO series, is being offered by Dartmouth Health, in collaboration with NH DHHS, to three different groups highly influential in communities: school personnel, faith leaders, and emergency medical and community health workers.  Each series will examine the importance, safety and efficacy vaccines (including COVID-19 vaccine) in protecting health and it will arm attendees with effective approaches to help increase vaccine uptake in their communities.


Session/Title Date
1 - Basics/Vaccine 101 4/19/2023
2 - Faith Leaders Talking about Vaccination 4/26/2023
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